Family Ceremonies

2015-06-30 11.16.52It is our belief that we bring not only couples together, but also bring children into the new family unit in ways that honor God and teach respect for each other as well as His commandments.

Both our Sand Ceremony and Family Unity Ceremony offer children the perfect opportunity not only to participate in a meaningful way in your wedding, but also to have their very own lasting keepsakes from this special day to treasure for a lifetime. The price for a Sand Ceremony is $99.00.

This is done immediately following your wedding. The Sand Ceremony includes the family ceremony, a beautiful keepsake glass vase, five 4×6 photographs, as well as the multicolored sand used in the ceremony.

Limit: 5 Children plus Bride and Groom. There will be an additional charge for parties exceeding this number. This does not include the price of your wedding ceremony. Please see our Wedding Package section for prices on Wedding Ceremonies.

The Sand Ceremony is a unique way to show the blending of each individual into the new family unit. The white sand represents Christ, and other colors represent each individual and the unique characteristics they bring. This beautiful new one-of-a-kind creation that is formed becomes a lasting keepsake reminder of your blended family.

We also offer a one-of-a-kind Christ-centered Unity Medallion Ceremony: $29.00 for the first child and $10.00 for each additional child (this does NOT include the medallion pendants or lapel pins, see prices below).

We offer two sizes of medallions:

* Medium (dime-sized) for smaller children.
* Large (quarter-sized) for older children.

We offer two finishes in metal (we do not have gold-plated)

* S/S – sterling silver.
* 2T – two tone (silver medallion/gold cross).
* 14K – 14 carat gold.

Note: 14K price is subject to change, due to fluctuations in the precious metals market.

We offer two styles of medallions:

For girls – necklace.

For boys – lapel pin.

These beautiful medallions have been custom-designed to honor Christ as the true center of the family unit. It is usually presented by the new parent to recognize and welcome the child(ren) as an important part of their new family. Parents may also choose to present the child(ren) with a family heirloom or other gift at this time. This ceremony also includes an exchange of vows between parents and child(ren) to establish a foundation of mutual love, respect and commitment both to God as well as each other. This ceremony is done immediately following the marriage ceremony.

1621834_10204915044218564_1288551925699589794_nOur Time of Tribute Ceremony – $29.00, which includes ceremony and fresh keepsake red rose and tribute song “I Sure Miss You”.

This Time of Tribute offers an opportunity to honor someone special in the couple’s life who has passed on. We ask that you bring a picture or other special memento to be placed on the Table of Tribute. We provide a fresh keepsake red rose to symbolize your everlasting love. Song of tribute is “I Sure Miss You”.